Aviva - From unknown to a sought-after campus brand

  • Date — 30th August, 2016
  • Location — Microsoft, #22-01 Marina Boulevard, One Marina Boulevard, Singapore, 018989
  • Time — 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Anu Purbey, Aviva's HRD in Singapore, shared how she brought the Aviva team from the unknown to a sought-after brand among students at campus. 

The ‘Sofa Social’ proved to be a fantastic open forum with attendees sharing their own experiences and challenges while bouncing ideas off the employers and Gen Y attendees in the room. Many topics were covered, such as the appeal and ability to place MBA students, how to run a local grad campaign alongside the corporate global grad campaign, how to reach talent earlier by positioning your brand and industry to those in their first and second year of study, and how industries should work more closely together to build on reputation and awareness. A big thank you goes to Anu for sharing the Aviva journey with us… it was a fantastic discussion.