• Date — 25th October, 2016
  • Location — Bloomberg, Capital Square, Level 12, 23 Church Street, Singapore 049481
  • Time — 8:30am-10:00am

At the latest SEAAGE breakfast event, Sanjoe Tom Jose, founder of Talview, shared various recruitment technologies and assessment tools that can be built into the recruitment process to provide a more holistic view whilst gathering valuable data.

Tools and technology such as video interviews, behavioural insight reports, virtual campus hiring and much more were shared. The case studies that were presented really brought these tools to life, showcasing how a large funnel of graduate applications can be filtered and reviewed by just one recruiter and two evaluators resulting in 160 graduate hires in the US, a real testament as to how these tools can be used especially for those with low resources or limited availability for physical campus activity and assessments.

It was also interesting to hear how one organisation uses video interviews as a pre-filter before they go on campus, streamlining their time spent on campus and raising their interview-to-offer ratio to 3:1.

With so many different online assessment tools available, it was really beneficial to discuss the different types, discovering some that monitor students’ behaviours whilst being tested such as browsing other websites, copy and paste and audio!

Thank you to everyone that came along and made this such an interactive session.