• Date — 15th March, 2017
  • Location — University Lounge, Level 6, SMU Administration Building, 81 Victoria Street, Singapore 188065

Thank you to the team at Singapore Management University (SMU) for hosting SEAAGE on Wednesday 15th March 2017. The breakfast panel session allowed employers to pick the brains of career services and students on how to improve activity and promotion on campus to students.  

Special thanks go to Prasanthi Guda, Cher Young, Henry Yeo Kok Chye and Toshin Canute Sequira.                        

The session covered many key areas. Some highlights and take-aways include:


  • Continuing to engage with career services, sharing your hiring numbers and engagement aims. Building on this partnership directly will help to shape your annual plans.
  •  Keep students engaged throughout the year, do not turn up on campus just once: you need a continual presence.
  •  If you have not done much engagement and branding before, do not expect a large turnout for your campus talk.

Value-added Content

  • Make sure your presentation does not just include content that students can find out for themselves via your website. Think about how you can add value and make it more exciting.

Think about the students

  • Be realistic, if you are hiring just a handful of interns of grads you don’t need hundreds of students to attend.
  • Students are looking to get a feel for the culture of an organization. Does your presentation or activity come across as too corporate, or “us versus them”? How can you break down those barriers so they get a better understanding of the company, the people that work there and the general vibe? Leveraging alumni members may be a good approach.

Social Media Engagement

  • Engagement via online platforms such as Instagram and social is very acceptable from a student’s point of view, but the content must reflect the platform. Instagram is fun and informal, therefore the content from the employer should reflect this.
  • And do not forget, students talk! If an internship was not productive, if a talk was boring or an event was a letdown others will find out, shaping their perception of you as an employer.

Thank you to everyone who attended, and to SMU for being excellent hosts.