The first real experience that a new employee has of their future employer is as a candidate, and it's hugely important. Recent research from 14,000 job seekers found 86% saying that the way they are treated duringn the application and interview stages will impact their decision on whether to join. Data from Glassdoor shows that 72% will share details of a bad candidate experience online, and that 55% will avoid applying to companies with negative online reviews. The business outcomes to be gained from a transfromational candidate experience are clear – but starting that transformation can be intimidating.

For this research, SHL studied the current state of candidate experience and identified 6 shifts that are currently driving great consumer experiences – which we believe will drive future innovation in candidate experience, to help meet, and exceed, their evolving expectations. Visit and download the whitepaper here to learn more about the six shifts. You'll get an actionable roadmap to transform your candidate experience.